10 Habits Seriously Screwing Up Your Attempts To Build Muscle

bad technique

There’s a useful nugget of wisdom that’s been floating around the internet lately: work smart, not hard.

Basically, it’s the idea that sweaty, torturous paths of most resistance are all well and good, but it’s far preferable to focus on efficiency and trim bad habits.

With this in mind, here are a few common pitfalls that could be tripping up your exercise progress and wasting your precious time and energy.

1. Poor Technique

Let’s say you’ve got enthusiasm coming out of your ears. You’ve made a resolution and you’re going to stick to it, come hell or high water. You’re eating right, your schedule’s set, you know what you need to focus on and you’re ready to sweat like no one’s business.

So you dive headfirst into a pushup set, ready to whip those arms into shape. And six months later, they’re… still kind of scrawny. Maybe it’s because you’re still doing pushups from your knees. Perfect form is not just for show.

Exercises are designed to maximize efficiency and sloppy technique is only hurting you.

It might be easier to let your shoulders slump down during your pushup, but you need that straight back to make sure your arms are getting the full experience.

After all, since when do you want your exercise to be easy?

Keep your back straight when doing a squat, keep your legs straight when doing flutter kicks. “Control” is the keyword here.

Any limbs or tendons acting loose and wobbly are only diminishing the exercise for the rest of the body. Strive for perfect form, and you’ll see results much quicker.

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