12 Power Foods For Getting A Six-Pack In No Time


Losing excess body weight requires you to restrict your food intake and possibly cut several of your favorite foods out of your diet.

However, carving out a set of perfect abs requires you to eat healthy, nutritious foods that will provide fuel for your workouts and help your body build new muscles.

The following power foods will give you the strength, stamina and endurance to maximize your fitness training and sculpt your six-pack.

1. Eggs

Eggs contain more useful protein than any other food. They are considered to have the highest ‘biological value’ of protein, which means they are better at building muscle than the protein found in red meat.

One egg contains six grams of high-quality protein, and eggs are a rich source of antioxidants and Vitamins A, E and K. They also contain folic acid and riboflavin, which helps your body convert food into energy.

Eggs are a rich source of vitamin B12 and amino acids. In fact, eggs contain all eight of the essential amino acids that are critical for muscle recovery and building up essential minerals like zinc, calcium and iron.

If you’re concerned about consuming too much fat, put your fear of eggs aside.

Egg whites have no fat, and while the yolk has 5 grams of fat, only 1.6 of those grams are “bad” fat.

In the case of eggs, the benefits of the good fat far outweigh the dangers of the bad.

A breakfast that includes six egg whites and two yolks has only 153 calories, and provides your body with 26.5 grams of protein and zero carbs.

Researchers have found that eggs are also a fantastic way to keep hunger cravings at bay. A recent study shows that those who eat eggs for breakfast are less likely to feel hungry than those who fill up on toast or pastries.

If you’re strapped for time in the mornings, simply crack your eggs into a microwave-safe bowl, stir them up and add a little salt and pepper. Microwave them for about a minute and slide them onto a slice of whole-grain toast.

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  1. AbsNOW

    July 10, 2014 at 7:10 pm

    I never skip my eggs for breakfast! One of the most nutritious foods anyone interested in building muscle can add to their diet!

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