12 Reasons You Should Take A Pre-Workout Stimulant

May 5, 2016

If you have ever hit a wall in the middle of a training session, you will understand just how frustrating it is when your body simply gives up. Even top athletes can struggle to maintain a consistent level of training intensity.

Pre-workout stimulants not only give you the strength and stamina to complete the workout of your life, they also have many other health benefits such as improved weight loss, mental ability and a faster metabolism. They also help your body convert fat into energy. The following list includes some of the best reasons why you should add a stimulant to your workout session.

1. They Increase Your Heart Rate


All athletes use a heart rate monitor at some point during their workout in order to measure the effects of their training. As you exercise, the heart will begin to work faster and pump more blood around your system. Oxygen is then transferred to the tissue and cells around the body helping to keep your energy levels up.

The faster your heart rate, the more intense and beneficial your training session will be in the long run. The average resting heart rate is between 60 and 90bpm. Regular athletic training can bring that figure down to around 40bpm while resting.

2. They Increase Stamina


Sometimes you simply don’t have enough stamina to make it through to the end of your workout. Even short rests, refreshment or angry encouragement from a personal trainer is not enough to help you when your legs turn to jelly.

Stimulants not only give you the endurance to make it through your entire training session, you may even find that you still have energy to spare afterwards.

Losing your stamina towards the end of a workout means that your final exercises are not completed to the best of your ability. This could lead to a loss of muscle symmetry which will leave you vulnerable to injuries during your next session.

3. They Improve Mental Focus


A common ingredient of many pre-workout stimulants is caffeine. Caffeine is well-known all over the world for its ability to boost concentration and alertness. Many people even rely on it just to get through the day.

The average cup of regular coffee will contain around 90mg of caffeine. Stimulants often contain up to 300mg in a single dose that delivers a powerful kick to the system.

Mental focus is an essential part of an effective workout. It is difficult to concentrate on engaging your core muscles when your mind is preoccupied with your job, home life or other distraction.

4. They Boost Energy Levels


Instead of doing four sets of lunges, why not do eight? Stimulants give you an incredible energy boost that will give you the power to push your body to the limit and discover what you really are capable of. Supplements that contain caffeine, creatine and glutamine are excellent for improving energy levels during your training session.

However, what goes up must come down, so be prepared for the eventual crash if you do use a stimulant that increases energy. Just be sure to avoid taking a stimulant in the few days before a sporting event or competition that you are competing in.

5. They Help You Burn Fat


Many people believe that supplements are only for muscle-bound weight lifters or hardcore athletes. However, many people use them at the start of their fitness journey in order to lend a helping hand during the difficult initial phase.

Many stimulants are designed to help your body break down fat at a faster rate. This makes them ideal for those who are struggling to lose stubborn weight from around the midsection or thighs.

It will also be useful for women who are struggling to shift a post-pregnancy belly. However, stimulants are not recommended for women who are still breastfeeding.

6. They Promote Weight Loss


As well as burning fat at an increased rate, stimulants can help you lose large amounts of weight in a short amount of time. Many people become desperate after unsuccessfully trying to lose weight despite trying many different methods.

Restricting food, taking diet pills or even fasting for two days a week doesn’t have any noticeable effect on some dieters. In this case, a combination of proper nutrition, exercise and supplementation is necessary to achieve results.

Always contact your regular doctor before taking stimulants to lose weight to ensure that there are no underlying medical conditions that are causing your weight gain.

7. They Improve Muscle Gain


Prominent muscles are the ultimate goal of every weight trainer. Whilst being able to lift 200 kilos is an impressive feat, it is an activity that you only perform in the gym surrounded by people just as capable as you.

Bulging muscles are a symbol of strength, masculinity and hard work that you carry with you everywhere you go. A stimulant can help you bulk up much faster by increasing your performance substantially.

Some stimulants, such as those containing whey protein and branched chain amino acids will even guard against muscle breakdown once your workout is finished.

8. They Make You Stronger


One of the first things people notice after taking a stimulant is how much stronger they become. This is one of the most desirable effects of a pre-workout stimulant as it allows you to lift much heavier weights.

This will help to increase your regular strength levels, build muscle faster and enjoy a more intense workout. However, it is important to use stimulants wisely when lifting extremely heavy weights.

Suddenly lifting a heavier weight than you are used to could result in serious injury. Let your personal trainer know if you have used a stimulant so he can monitor your progress.

9. They Test Your Limits


If you have ever wondered exactly how many chin-ups you can actually do, then a stimulant will help you find the answer to that question. Your workout will be harder, tougher, more exhilarating and will help you understand exactly what your body is capable of.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a stimulant will make their training session a breeze and that they will not have to exert themselves as much as usual.

Stimulants not only improve your strength and stamina making it easier to complete exercises, they also increase your energy and willpower making you more likely to push yourself harder.

10. They Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


After a long period of exercise or weight training, many people will come to a point where their overall fitness or muscle gain no longer seems to be improving.

This is perfectly normal and should be expected. However, it can be a source of frustration for those that enjoy seeing the benefits of their blood, sweat and tears.

A stimulant can help you get past this barrier much faster by greatly improving your performance and pushing your body further than ever before. A better performance will ultimately lead to better results, so you will soon start to see the benefits of your training start to materialize again.

11. They Improve Your Metabolism


Pre-workout stimulants are divided into two categories. The first category includes those that increase your ability to train by improving strength, stamina, speed and focus.

This type of stimulant is designed to be taken around half an hour before a workout. The other kind is designed to be taken after your training session has ended to reduce muscle wastage and increase growth.

The second kind also has the added benefit of giving your metabolism a well-needed boost. This allows you to break down fat cells much faster than usual and expel them from the body helping to keep your weight under control.

12. They Prolong the Effects of After Burn


After burn is an informal term for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. It refers to the process where your body continues to take in and use an increased level of oxygen immediately after strenuous exercise.

This excess oxygen is used to repair cells, replenish fuel stores, balance internal hormones and for the process of anabolism. During this time, your body will still be burning calories at an increased rate.

This means that the effects of your workout continue even while you are resting. Stimulants can increase the length of after burn and will help you make the most of your rest and recuperation phase immediately following a workout.

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