15 Ways To Turn Your Work Into A Workout

get up

While many fitness enthusiasts find it possible to take an hour out of their day to go through a regular exercise routine, there is quite a larger number of moms, dads, and full-time workers who simply can’t find the time to regularly exercise.

Fortunately, many of the simplest and most effective workouts require no extra equipment and can be done almost anywhere, at almost any time.

With just a little out-of-the-box thinking, you can easily turn your everyday work, whether at home or on the job, into a workout. Here are fifteen tips to help you maximize every exercise opportunity you encounter.

1. Get Up

It may be impractical to do a hundred push-ups inside your four square foot cubicle while wearing a suit and tie, but simply getting out of your chair and moving around a bit can help you burn some calories.

The motion of getting in and out of your chair closely resembles squats, so you can easily do a few sets of these throughout the day when you take care to keep proper form as you stand and sit.

Try not to flop into your chair like a sack of potatoes; keep your back straight and your weight on your heels as you sit, engaging your core to help work out your abs and back muscles.

Do the same when you stand up, and make an effort to do this often throughout the day.

It may be tempting to stay seated when you are in an office setting, but simply moving about is vital if you are hoping to lose weight, or keep off the weight that you have already lost.

Stand up and walk around when you are on the phone, reading through papers and charts, or even when you find yourself staring at your computer screen with a writer’s block. The same principle applies at home; stand up to fold laundry or when reading through your child’s English report.

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