4 Hype Free Tips For Better Abs

August 21, 2015


The world seems to be obsessed with six-pack abs. We’ve all seen the advertisements – “Use this one tip to get a flat belly”, or “Get ripped abs in only 6 weeks!” The reality is that building abdominal muscle and losing excess belly fat are goals that cannot be isolated from the rest of the body.

How often do you see someone with amazing abs who also possesses flabby underarms and pudgy thighs? The answer is probably ‘never’. Why? Because great abs result from an exercise program that works the whole body rather than trying to focus on one small part of it.

There are no shortcuts to creating a toned torso. You need consistent, full-body workouts combined with natural, wholesome nutrition and enough rest and sleep to allow your body to recover. If you really want better abs, here are some realistic tips:

1. Fat loss is around 20% exercise and 80% nutrition

If you eat junk, your results will be junk. The first step toward a lean, mean belly is to change your diet – substantially. Cut out soft drinks, reduce consumption of saturated fats (margarine is your enemy) and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

Eat out less – if you do your own cooking you can control portion sizes and know exactly what’s going in your food.

2. Develop a consistent exercise routine and stick to it

You might decide to do weight training three times a week, cardio twice a week and some kind of social sports activity on the weekend. You’ll see the best results if you adhere to your regimen, week after week.

3. Many stomach-specific exercises are a waste of time


Yes, 150 crunches will take up a big chunk of your workout time, but are they any more effective than push ups, pull ins, or even jumping rope?

The best exercises are those that work several muscle groups simultaneously.

Simple push ups – performed properly with the back held straight – are better for your abs than crunches or sit ups because they also work the arms, shoulders, chest and legs at the same time.

One of the most basic but useful stomach-tightening exercises is a combination of burpees and push ups. Exercises like this don’t require heavy equipment or a gym membership – you can do them on your backyard lawn.

4. Don’t treat health supplements as magic ‘shortcut pills’

Supplements are exactly that – a boost to a proper diet. They are not a substitute for hard work or good nutrition.

Many professional bodybuilders have had success by adding whey powder, creatine and other supplements to their diets, but this is not strictly necessary – provided you eat a balanced diet featuring quality protein in the form of eggs, fish and lean meat.

Lentils, nuts and quinoa are also good dietary choices for building muscle. A great many of the supplements on the market today are already produced naturally by the body, so think carefully – the only weight you lose may be from your wallet.

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