Are You A Fitness Fanatic?

October 8, 2016


With so much media attention being focused on those people who are over-weight and obese, few give thought to the fact that sometimes you can spend too much time in the gym.

Being in shape is one thing, but sacrificing huge chunks of your life to keep your body-fat percentage under 5% constitutes a problem. Why complain about an issue that isn’t really an issue, you ask?

Well, for starters, because it’s an issue that, like obesity, not only affects you but those around you. Hearing about how you ripped it at the gym that day is nice, but when it becomes all you can talk about, or all you care about, it tends to drive people away.


What are the Signs?

Possibly one of the biggest red flags that you are a fitness fanatic is that you consider quitting your job to become a personal trainer.

Nothing against fitness trainers, but unless it was something you wanted to do all your life, or something that you just fell into, making a life altering decision like that suggests unstable behavior.

Another issue is your constant concern over what you consume.If you’re a championship bodybuilder, then it is understandable.

That’s their job. But if you are consuming grilled chicken and brown rice for every meal on a daily basis, you might have a problem.

Sure, everyone knows that eating too much junk food or takeout is bad for your health.

But when it gets to the point you are turning down going to a restaurant or happy-hour with your friends (who have already probably stopped calling), you are no longer benefitting your life.

If you are on a first-name basis with every employee and regular at your gym, you may just be a social guy, but chances are you have a problem. That is a clear sign you spend more time in the gym than working on your actual life.

Oh and by the way, if every one of your selfie pics at the gym on Instagram or Face Book ends with #BeastMode, you should seek help. Finally, a real clincher is if you have ever ended a relationship for more gym time, or because your partner couldn’t keep up with you.


If your partner has checked out on life and honestly doesn’t care about getting up off the couch, then maybe you are justified.

But if you’re breaking up because he or she keeps “bothering” you with dinner plans or time together that would interfere with your gym time, then you are truly a fitness fanatic.

Being fit is meant to improve your life, not rule over it. Life for the sake of being in shape isn’t life at all. Inevitably, your body will wither. It will become old and incapable of work as you knew in your youth.

In short, being fit will not, repeat WILL NOT last forever. So try to find something that will. Life’s too short for all the experiences we can have as it is. Why make less time for that for more time at the gym?

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