Casein Protein Powder – Boost Your Daily Protein Intake

August 26, 2016

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Nowadays many people are reading up on all the different varieties of protein powder and feeling a little confused.

With so many different options available, it becomes a bit difficult to decide which is going to give you the best results and work in favor of your overall goals.

One particular type of protein powder that gets mentioned quite often is casein protein powder.

It comes in many different flavors and can offer you a plethora of advantages.

The constant concern of someone who’s on a low calorie diet is lean muscle mass loss. Since they are not supplying enough calories for all the energy needs during the day, the body is forced to turn to stored body tissues for energy.

In some cases this means the energy will come from your body fat tissue, but sometimes the body will tap into your muscles for energy. In this scenario, casein is great at maintaining the muscle tissue. Apart from fat loss it also increases strength in the chest, shoulders, and legs.

A study perfomed in Australia has shown that dairy proteins promote colon health better than meat and soy. Since casein is milk based, you should strongly consider adding casein protein powder to your daily protein intake.

Because casein is of a higher quality when compared to soy, it’s being considered as the best high quality source of protein available. So next time you’re shopping for protein powder, it would be a smart move to pick a casein variety and put it on your list.

While these are not the best proteins for immediately after a workout, they are very good as an addition to your whole food sources and can be used throughout the day.

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