How To Body Build The Vegan Way

September 29, 2016

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Working out can be difficult, especially when bodybuilding, as it is just as important what you put into your body as what lifts you perform and when. For a vegan, it is easily twice as hard, as one is deliberately avoiding many necessary proteins and nutrients that our body craves in the form of meat.

To build the championship body, a vegan must take careful steps in exactly how they work out, how long they work out, and what they must eat in order to satisfy the body’s requirements for recovery. Fortunately, it is entirely possible in today’s world to accommodate a vegan lifestyle and be a championship bodybuilder.

Patience and a Ton of Weight

First off, an explanation: there are many different types of vegetarians, but a vegan is someone who does not partake of any animal product or animal byproduct. No fish, no eggs, no milk, nothing of or pertaining to an animal. That being said, a vegan’s body is going to take longer to recover between workouts than one who eats chicken.

That’s why it is important to make the maximum use of your workout. Try to keep a workout short, say an hour, or even less if you are just starting. The body will not heal effectively enough to compound large amounts of time spent in the gym. Go for high weights, low reps, as that will more effectively stimulate the muscle than going for high volume.

Include exercises for small and large muscle groups, as well as time with heavy weights. Have a plan for the week also. Less time in the gym means less time to work different parts of the body.

Every part of the body should be worked out once per week, while still giving thought to recovery. Pay close attention to your body during the week. A set day off in the week is smart, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give yourself the weekend off too.

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Nutrition is Science

Nutrition is the key aspect to a vegan-fueled workout. Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day. High intake means high metabolism and more ability for your body to burn off fat.

However, since vegans can’t go about obtaining essential nutrients with meat, it is important to remember that you will be eating typically more fiber and less calories than a “natural” bodybuilder.This is the point where it becomes a little bit of guesswork, and a little bit of paying attention to your body.

Trying to find the right caloric intake for maximum gain is where you will experiment with your diet to find the perfect balance between minimum body fat gain and positive muscle mass.

Luckily for vegans, whole grain breads are perfect for the necessary carbohydrate adjustment to keep it fueled.For effective gain, you should try to double the normal carb intake than one would have from meat to compensate your diet.

Protein, fortunately enough is more or less the same. What is truly important is that you keep a close eye on how your body is feeling. With an intuitive diet, and a carefully managed workout plan, achieving a champion bodybuilding body is entirely possible. Determination, as in all things, will see it through.

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