Obesity Rate In The US Reaches Epidemic Levels, According To Gallup’s Latest Results

October 2, 2016


According to The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which has been measuring adult obesity in the U.S. since 2008, obesity in America is climbing steadily higher, and is now reaching epidemic levels.

The Index, which measures obesity by using self-reported height and weight values of those that it measures, has indicated that since 2011, obesity in America (BMI score of 30<) has climbed over 1.5%.

Now sitting at 27.7% of the adult population (age 24 and up), obesity in the U.S. has graduated from being an annoying issue to a full-blown crisis. With over two-thirds of American’s now being considered over-weight or obese, the problem isn’t slowing down.


“While it is difficult to identify long-term trends from short-term data, these data suggest, at best, no retreat in the obesity epidemic and, at worst, a deterioration,” said Janna Lacatell, Healthways Lifestyle Solutions Director.

“Given that obesity leads to higher rates of serious health conditions like diabetes and hypertension, and has been shown to cause disease onset at younger ages, this is a significant public health concern.”


Not just a health concern, many fail to consider the economic impact of the situation. With more and more people being unable to work or take care of themselves in a basic function, the government must keep making over-corrections that cost everyone.

Also an issue, with fewer and fewer American’s being able to perform manual labor, let alone even run, the military raises the issue of defending the nation effectively.

27% of American’s between the ages of 17 and 24 are now considered too heavy for military service. Military leaders in the U.S. raise the issue that without strong-bodied men and women capable of serving, all of the planes, tanks and guns of the nation are ineffective.

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