Ten Best Ab Exercises You Can Do With An Ab Slider

July 26, 2016

Working out your abs can be a challenge without the use of an exercise machine, but most workout tools can empty your bank account with the down payment.

An ab slider, however, is a fairly inexpensive piece of equipment that provides a great workout for your abs and can be used to tone and strengthen other muscles as well.

Try these ten exercises twice a week with your ab slider for a well-rounded workout that melts your belly fat and promotes all around good health.

1. Abdominal Workout

The most common workout with the ab slider involves a targeted abdominal workout. Start on your knees, keeping them together, with the ab slider close to your knees. Hold the ab slider with the right side in your right hand and the left side in your left hand, keeping your back straight.

Slide out straight ahead until your back is parallel to the ground, then pull the slider slowly back toward your knees. Do two or three sets of ten repetitions. This works out both your upper and lower abdominal muscles.

2. Oblique Workout

Working out the oblique muscles gives you a more toned appearance, and helps improve posture and get rid of love handles. Start in the same position as the abdominal workout, with your knees together and your back straight.

Instead of rolling the slider forward, however, slide to the left for one set to work out your left obliques, then to the right to work out the right obliques. Do two or three sets of each for the most effective oblique muscles workout.

3. Advanced Abdominal Workout


Similar to the traditional abdominal workout, this advanced version is only for people who are looking to crank up their current workout routine a notch.

Again, start on your knees with the ab roller nearby.

Stretch out with the ab slider, but once your body is fully extended, lift your knees off the ground and into a push-up position.

You can do a set of push-ups in this position before lowering your knees and pulling the slider back to your original position.

Repeat this two to four times. You can also try sliding in without lowering your knees to the floor for an even more advanced workout.

4. Arm Strength

While this exercise works out your abs, it can also help improve the strength and tone of both the biceps and triceps. Assume the starting position, but hold the ab slider in the middle with your right hand (if you have a knock-off brand that doesn’t have a handle in the center, you may not be able to do this exercise).

Keeping your left hand on the floor near but not touching your knees, slide your right arm out with the slider until you cannot stretch any further, taking care not to overextend yourself. Pull the slider back in and repeat the move with your left arm.

5. Hamstring Stretch

This ab workout will also stretch your hamstrings, work your calf muscles, and greatly improve any sciatica pain you may experience. Start by facing the wall, two to three feet away, with the ab slider at your feet. Keep your legs straight as you bend down to grasp the slider in both hands, then slide slowly out until you bump into the wall.

The wall will keep you from sliding too far and falling. Slide back to your original position, or as close to it as you can manage. This is a more intense ab workout, so you should only need to do four or five repetitions. As you become better with this exercise, you can start further away from the wall.

6. Thigh Workout

Walking, jogging, or running is the best way to work out your thighs, but you can use an ab slider to tone down those thunder thighs as well.

This is another move that requires a slider with a handle in the center. Start standing with your left foot pointed forward, and your right foot turned to the right in the center of your ab slider.

Slide to the right, bending your left knee forward while keeping the right knee straight, then slide carefully back to a standing position. Do two or three sets of this exercise on each side, with eight to twelve repetitions in each set.

7. Back Stretch

Another variation of the traditional ab slide involves a deeper back stretch. Start sitting on the ground with your legs stretched out flat to either side, as far apart as you are comfortable placing them. With the slider directly in front of you and your back straight, slide out until you feel a gentle stretch in your back.

Slide back in slowly and repeat ten times. As you practice this exercise more, you will begin to be able to slide further and further out, increasing the back stretch and the abdominal workout.

8. Leg Strength

This is an all-around good workout for beginners and advanced exercisers alike. Get in a push up position with your feet on either side of the slider and braced against a wall. Keeping your back parallel to the floor, pull your knees in beneath you with the slider, then push them back out.

Do ten to fifteen of these in a set. You can try pulling your legs in while keeping them straight and pushing into a standing position with your hands on the ground for a more intense core workout.

9. Shoulder Stretch


This shoulder stretch is a great one to use before a baseball or softball game, or before weight lifting.

Sit with your legs extended straight out before you, and the ab slider behind you. Reach behind and grab the slider in both hands with the palms up.

Stretch backward, keeping your back straight and taking care not to overextend yourself. Do only four or five repetitions of this stretch to start.

10. Routine

The most effective workout routine with an ab slider depends on you and what you want to accomplish, but no routine is effective if it doesn’t become routine. Work out two to three times per week, making sure to leave at least one day between workouts to allow your muscles to rest and repair themselves.

You can vary your routine a little bit by trying a different technique or two, but be consistent in the length and intensity of each workout.

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