Top 15 Exercises To Hammer Your Arms In Three Weeks

June 27, 2016

Before you know it summer will be here and it will be time for tank tops, strapless dresses and swimsuits.

When the weather warms up it is time to show off that body you work hard to sculpt in the gym year-round, but with so much upper body skin exposed you might want to work on shredding those arms for a lean, toned appearance.

These 15 exercises can be performed on home gym equipment, at the local gym or even with no equipment. Each exercise is designed to target the major muscle groups of the arm and help give you a lean, sculpted look for the summer months.

1. Dumbbell Bicep Curl


The dumbbell curl focuses primarily on the upper muscles of the arm. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, palms facing outward and slowly raise the dumbbells up toward your chest and lower with control.

For maximum results keep your elbows at your side and don’t allow them to cheat up with the movement. When your elbows wander up with weight, you engage your shoulder muscles instead of the biceps.

2. Alternate Hammer Curl

Similar to the dumbbell biceps curl in nature, the hammer curl instead calls for a grip where the palms are facing inward. This can be performed standing or sitting (with or without back support).

Begin by contracting your biceps one side at a time to raise the weight to shoulder level, keeping the upper arm stationary.

Lower the weigh back down to complete the motion. The hammer curl focuses more on the inner biceps muscle compared to the standard dumbbell curl.

3. Barbell Curl

Another option for targeting the biceps muscle, the barbell curl is easier for some to perform because your arms can work together to lift the weight as opposed to dumbbell curls which focus on each arm lifting its own weight independently.

The focus of barbell curls remains on the biceps; however varying handgrips can help shift focal points between the inner and outer muscles.

4. Cable One Arm Triceps Extension

Shifting to the triceps muscle on the back of your arm, the cable one arm extension is an isolation exercise to specifically target the triceps.

The movement is completed one arm at a time. Begin by gripping the handle with your palm facing upward.

As you exhale, contract your triceps and pull the handle down toward your waist. Keep the upper arm stationary throughout the movement to keep the focus on working the triceps.

5. Cable Rope Overhead Extension

This routine requires the use of both hands at the same time and rather than pulling downward, this time you’ll be pushing above your head.

Gripping a rope handle with both hands behind your head, exhale and push both hands straight out over your head.

As with other exercises, it is important to keep your upper arm stationary to avoid using other muscles or risking injury.

6. Dumbbell One Arm Extensions


Another variation on triceps exercises, this one requires a pushing motion overhead with the isolation of working one arm at a time.

Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, raise a dumbbell in one hand straight above your shoulder.

Slowly lower the weight until your arm reaches a 90-degree angle and push back up straight. Do a few sets with one arm, and switch.

7. Bench Dips

This exercise is a quick and dirty routine that can be performed without any gym equipment, making it a good option around the house or on the road.

Using a chair and a stool, place your feet on the stool and support your body with your arms on the chair.

As you exhale, lower your body by bending at the elbow. Keep your upper arms stationary and contract the triceps to lift and lower your body weight.

8. Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

Now you’re going to work both the muscles of the chest and your triceps at the same time, although the focus will remain on the triceps muscle.

With a narrow handle grip (no more than shoulder width apart), lower the barbell towards your chest as though you are doing the standard bench press.

The narrower grip forces the triceps muscles to work harder than your larger chest muscles to lift and lower the weight.


9. Standing V-Raise

With a dumbbell in each hand and your feet shoulder width apart, raise the weights straight out in front of you with your arms forming a V-shape.

Make sure that your palms are facing inwards and you raise the weights until your arms are parallel to the floor. Throughout the motion your arms should be straight, but not locked.

10. Shoulder Press

The shoulder press can be completed in one of two fashions, each of which challenges the muscles of the arm and shoulder differently.

Your stance should be the same regardless with your feet shoulder width apart and the weights starting at shoulder level.

In each routine you’ll press the weights up above your head, hold and lower. The motion can be performed with palms facing inward or palms facing forward to shift the focus to different muscles groups.

11. Rotating Triceps Kickback

Begin with your knees bent while leaning slightly forward and one dumbbell in each hand. Your arms should be raised up such that your upper arm is parallel to the floor (think a rowing motion).

With your palms facing inward, press the dumbbells out behind you one arm at a time in an alternating pattern.

12. Pike Walk Pushup Combo

You’ll need a little space for this one, but it is a unique way of targeting your entire arm and engaging your chest muscles.

Start with your feet together standing upright and reach down to place your fingertips or palms on the floor.

Walk your hands out forward until you reach the pushup position, and do one pushup. Holding the pushup position, walk your feet as close to your hands as possible. That’s one rep.

13. Crescent Lunge and Row

With a dumbbell in one hand and your feet together, lunge forward with the opposite leg until your knee is bent at 90-degrees.

Lower your torso to your forward knee and then row the dumbbell up toward your body until your elbow rises past your torso.

That full motion is one rep. Do a reasonable number of reps (10-12) on one side and switch, focusing on lighter weights and strong form at first.

14. Inverted Curl to Front Press


Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and one dumbbell in each hand, palms facing backward.

Lift the weight in a bicep curl motion up to your shoulders, keeping the upper arm stationary. Once you reach the shoulders, press the weight out in front of you as though you were doing a push up.

15. T-Pushup

The final exercise on the list, the T-pushup is performed from the pushup position with your hands firmly on the floor at shoulder width.

Lower your body to the floor as you inhale and exhale as you push your body back up. However, as you are pushing up lift your right arm off the floor and roll onto your left foot.

Straighten out your right arm and extend it with your fingers pointing to the ceiling. With control, lower your right arm back down until you are in the pushup position again. Then repeat with your left arm. This constitutes one rep.

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