Try Out This Home-Based, 4-Day Dumbbell Workout Plan For Legs

July 6, 2016


The legs are involved in a host of different sports and everyday activities, so strengthening them hardcore makes sense for everyone. A four-day cycle with dumbbells might be all you need to get the best definition and power of your life. This workout plan isolates different areas of the leg daily to allow for recuperation. On day one, work your hamstrings, glutes and calves:

1. Deadlifts

Holding a pair of heavy dumbbells in both hands, bend at the waist until your torso is parallel to the ground. Return to start. Do 8 to 12 reps.

2. Weighted Donkey Kicks

On your forearms and knees, place a light weight in the crook of your right knee. Keep the right leg bent and lift it toward the ceiling with a flexed foot. Lower the leg. Do 8 to 12 repetitions per side.

3. Weighted Calf Raises

Hold a heavy dumbbell in each hand. Lift yourself up onto your toes, hold for a pause and lower down. Do 25 repetitions.On day two, focus on your quadriceps, hip flexors and tibialis anterior:


1. Dumbbell Short-Step Forward Lunge

Holding a pair of medium to heavy dumbbells in your hands, take a small step forward. Lower down to about 90 degrees, keeping the knee behind the toe. Push back to start. Do 24 reps, alternating sides.

2. Dumbbell Knee Raises

Place one foot on a low platform and rest a light to medium weight on your thigh. Stabilizing the weight with your hands, lift the elevated leg up with a bent knee until the thigh is parallel to the floor. Lower down. Do 16 reps per side.

3. Dumbbell Tibialis Lift

Sit on a bench with your heels resting on the edge. Place a light to medium dumbbell vertically between your feet so the head of the weight is on the top of your feet. Pull your toes upward and lower down. Do 12 reps.On day three, work your inner and outer thigh:


1. Weighted Inner Thigh Lift

Position yourself on your side, resting on your forearm. Bend your top leg and rest it on the floor in front of you or rest the sole of your top foot roughly around the knee of your bottom leg.

Position a light weight on the bottom leg above your knee and, stabilizing the weight with your hand, lift the bottom leg up. Return to start. Do 12 to 16 repetitions per side.

2. Weighted Side Lunge

Holding one light to medium weight horizontally in your hands near your chest, step far out to the side with one foot.

Lower down, making sure your knee of the bending leg doesn’t extend over your toe.

As you go down, reach down with the weight to outside of the bent leg.

Return to start, lifting the dumbbell over your head. Repeat for the other side. Complete the cycle 16 times.

3. Weighted Outer Thigh Lift

Position yourself on your side with a light weight on the outer thigh of the top leg. Stabilizing the weight with your hand, lift your top leg upward. Return to start. Complete 12 to 16 reps per side.

Day four consists of recuperative stretches, such as band assisted hamstring pulls. You can do whatever feels good here, but do at least 20 minutes and do some moves (for instance, marching in place) to get the muscles warm before you get to work.

Once you’ve got the routine down, you can increase the amount of weight you use, go for more repetitions, or do circuits. Stick to the workout and your legs will be shapelier in no time.

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